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Our Products

Aditya Poly Container bring forth premium quality Drums & Containers for the clients. These products are highly appreciated by the clients for their robust construction, reliability, tamper and leakage proof. Thus, the range of our products is highly effective and user friendly due to their structure. Under this range, we offer Plastic Drums, Chemical Containers, Reactive Dyes Storage Containers, Chemical Resistance Storage Container and HDPE Plastic Chemical Container.

products Range :

Products Dia Height Width Depth Mouth Brimful Cap Size Threaded Standard
          Opening Volume   Cap Wight
35 Mouser   460mm 320mm 285mm 46mm 37Ltr 50mm   1.8Kgs
20 Mouser   370mm 270mm 250mm 46mm 22Ltr 50mm   1.4Kgs
10 Mouser   305mm 235mm 195mm 46mm 11Ltr 50mm   1.2Kgs
35 F.O.T. 340mm 540mm     245mm 37Ltr 255mm Yes 2Kgs
30 F.O.T. 315mm 510mm     245mm 33Ltr 255mm Yes 2Kgs
20 F.O.T. 285mm 445mm     245mm 22Ltr 255mm no 1.6Kgs
10 F.O.T. 285mm 305mm     245mm 14Ltr 255mm no 1.4Kgs
35 F.O.T. 365mm 570mm     245mm 43Ltr 255mm no 2.3Kgs
50 ROUKET   575mm 390mm 340mm 48mm 55Ltr 51mm   2.8Kgs
55 F.O.T. 375mm 585mm     320mm 60Ltr 355mm no 2.8Kgs